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Welcome To Weavers of the Web

At Weavers, our mission is to provide the community support and public ritual structure so that all Wiccans can celebrate and worship together, at all ages and stages of life.

We offer public rituals observing the Wheel of the Year and the Tides of the Moon, community education in Wiccan beliefs and practices, and a faith-based community that can nurture families and solitaries alike ... so that none need ever be alone again!

We believe Deity is one, with many faces. We worship the God and the Goddess, in their many guises. Although we most frequently call upon Norse deities in our rituals, we can and do call upon deities from pantheons of many cultures.

Our weekly Community Night meetings offer a chance for fellowship as well as education and ritual opportunities.

Our new outdoor ritual circle is finally complete. See pictures of our progress from the beginning...