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Welcome Home Full Moon Ritual

Time: to
Location: 400 Moores River Dr., Lansing, MI 48910

Join us online or (preferably!) in-person for another public full moon ritual in Moores Park! We’ll be joining Art Interactive once more for their full moon celebrations with our own Welcome Home ritual at 7pm. Don’t wait until 7 to arrive, though! We’ll have a table set up in the afternoon for building spell sachets to support peace and harmony as we prepare to gather with family and friends over the holiday season. At 7pm, we will cast circle and the God and Goddess will be invoked to help us charge and bless our spell sachets (or any other items you want blessed). After the formal ritual, they will remain invoked for private shrine time, where you can commune privately with the deities and receive personal blessings.

Click here to join the Zoom call. We’ll start the call around 6:30 for folks to gather and prepare, although please be prepared for a lot of sound to be coming from the festivities. At 7:00, we will go live on YouTube for our main event. Once we finish up with our formal ritual and stop streaming, we will keep the Zoom call going for a bit to allow anybody who wishes to have their opportunity for shrine time with the deities. (Due to the noise levels of the rest of the festival, we will not have social time on Zoom before/after this ritual.)

If you are joining us from home be sure to set up your ritual space at home with candles, incense, and any other sacred tools or music. If you would like to build your own spell sachet, here is a list of the herbs that will be available in-person; you could also add crystals or charms.

  • Chicory
  • Clover 
  • Coffee
  • Hyssop 
  • Peony 
  • Lavender 
  • Yarrow
  • Bloodroot 
  • Dandelion 
  • Comfrey
  • Anise (star) 
  • Bladderwrack
  • Elderberry