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You Are Not Alone

We love you and will send prayers and healing energy to you or your loved ones

Request Healing
  • Please send prayers and energy to help protect Victoria from the actions of her ex and get him out of her house.
  • Ongoing childhood trauma plagues me daily. I pray to the goddess for strength until I can get help 🙏🏾
  • Charles Willie Smith, II, was shot and killed in Flint this month in a tragic accident with a gun. Prayers for his friends and family are appreciated.
  • MJ is having foot surgery this week and would appreciate prayers and healing energy sent her way.
  • Asking for peace in grief. Lost a beloved pet of 15 years today. Chewbacca was a loving former tom cat who rarely left my side. Devastated and heartbroken, even with the love of family, friends, and other pets. Thank you.
  • K (15) attempted suicide yesterday and is being sent to inpatient care at a 2-star facility. K is nonbinary, and this facility does not allow any visits with family for 7-10 days. This is being shared with parental permission.
  • My 40-year-old brother Will has died in a car accident. His daughter G. will not make it. Please pray for our family.
  • I want to take a path on moving to Bolivia and pursue my career. But I don't know if that the right thing to do. I have a feeling it better to stay in the United States. It doesn't seem much but I always think in my head if what i;m doing is right. I just need a prayer of healing thank you
  • Please send healing prayers to my father as he grapples with severe memory loss - may he feel protected, loved, and secure in the day.
  • Please send energy out to my beloved partner Joe as he is being chemically treated. Please clear the path for him to move forward and to reap all the benefits fitting to a kind and creative person.