The inspiration for the Temple Project goes back thirty years, to the time when Solinox discovered Wicca … and with it a lack of connection to community. Following the call of the heart and soul meant leaving behind all the social benefits that came from being Christian in the 20th-century American South. From that leaving came the dream of one day making accessible community a reality for those on pagan paths.

Weavers of the Web, ATC, was founded in 2018 to make that dream a reality for the pagan community of central Michigan. As an affiliate of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, our mission is to provide a place for worship and fellowship. We offer public rituals and spiritual services to our community with the motto, “That none need ever be alone.”

Although the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has taught many of us new ways to connect in virtual space, we have simultaneously learned the importance of physical community. Human beings crave touch and connection. Coming together in person leads to decreased inflammatory and stress responses in the body, so that we are happier, more satisfied with our lives, and better able to fight off disease. When it comes to spirituality, when we come together to work magick, our workings are exponentially multiplied.

The Temple Project aims to provide a permanent “third place” in mid-Michigan, open to all who come in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Our current goal is to raise $25,000, providing a down payment for Weavers of the Web to purchase property for an interfaith pagan temple and community center. The temple will provide:

  • Indoor and outdoor ritual space
  • Deity shrines
  • A store for occult supplies and local art
  • The Pagans In Need food pantry
  • Community gardens
  • Lending library
  • Drop-in community space
  • And much more!

We want to be ready to welcome you home as soon as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Will you join us? Donate today, become a supporting Patreon member, or visit our online shop. Spread the word! Every dollar counts!

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Keys To Manifestation has pledged to donate 10% of gross sales to Weavers of the Web and the Temple Project. Support local businesses and support our Temple!

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All proceeds from sales of Weavers of the Web merchandise goes to support the Temple Project. Show your pride and help us get closer to our permanent home! See more items in our full store.